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Cozy Living

Here we are again, in this weird, in between time. It happens every year; the holidays are over, winter is just beginning yet all around you’re being sold spring. Not to mention, you “should” get healthier, “should” clear the clutter, “should” get in control of finances, on and on. Add in the fact we are still in this super uncertain time and all the challenges that adds to daily life never mind your “should” list. The things that often help to carry us through the dark, cold months may not be on your calendar this year. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about health and goal setting. Looking ahead to spring is wonderful, but I’m pretty sure it does nothing to increase your joy and contentment in the present moment. So how about joining me for a little cozy living, some simple-moment-inspiring goodness, on your terms? My goal is to share some ideas, inspo and projects I’m working on to make the most of the next few months. I’m trying like heck to embrace the moment, dive into the colder months and really uncover what goodness I can squeeze out of them instead of focusing on the challenges they bring. To be present and content while nurturing growth. Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?


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