Flowers on Wood


-Teak & Tobacco-spice and soft woods with earthy sweet tobacco

-Fireside- amber and patchouli give this a sultry feel with a smoky, woody base

-Fig & Fern- fresh and green with an earthy fig undertone

-Moss & Amber-a perfect mix of masculine and feminine, a citrus blend grounded with amber and tonka

-Rockport- a beachy blend of coconut milk and orchid 

-Block Island- citrus and white tea with mint and a touch of lavender 

-Vineyard Haven- green and floral notes with a touch of ginger, make up a well balanced, garden in bloom fragrance 

-Citrus Grove- a sweet and tropical version of citrus with peach

-Cabana- a coconut cocktail, hints of mango

-Agave & Citrus- sugared citrus blend

-Lavender Fields- a true lavender, with hints of bergamot and eucalyptus