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Row of Pine Trees


-Teak & Tobacco-spice and soft woods with earthy sweet tobacco

-Cashmere Vanilla- amber, cashmere, sheer vanilla, with bergamot, pear and jasmine

-Santal Dusk - sandalwood, amber, coriander with ozonic notes and citrus

-Rockport- a beachy blend of coconut milk and orchid 

-Block Island- citrus and white tea with a touch of mint 

-Vineyard Haven- green and floral notes with a hint of ginger, a garden in bloom fragrance 

-Agave & Citrus - a sugared yet not too sweet citrus blend

-The Cape - fresh and salty, with palm and amber undertones, fresh and spa like

-Nantucket - rose, lily, mandarin, wildflower honey with a powdery note beneath it all 

-Holiday 2023

-Festive- spice and ginger notes with cinnamon, orange peel, clove and pine undertones. A holiday fave

-Forest- peppermint and eucalyptus with notes of cedarwood, fir, pine and cypress. A true evergreen scent

-Cedar & Birch- camphor, pine, fir, red currant. Woodsy and fresh

-Mistletoe- deep winter berries and fruits meet winter greenery

-Black Cardamom & Spice- vanilla, chestnut, anise, cinnamon and cream. Like a treat from Grandmas kitchen

Sugar Plum & Fig- a sweet blend of orange, plum, rhubarb, blackberry and fig

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